Talking Angela Android Hack

                         Talking Angela Android Hack

Application Name: Talking Angela
Application Version: Any
Tool Used: Gamecih Or GameKiller

Step.1 Open Gamecih Or GameKiller And Open Talking Angela

Step.2 Now Go Shop And Open GameCih choose Input number  For Search Your Current Money On GameKiller Type Money And Chose "AUTO LDENTLFY" ,And Search Complete You See Lot Value Now Buy any Item from shop

Step.3 And Now Search Your New Money and You See Again alot Value So Go Shop And Buy Item And Search Your Value And Now You See 2-3 Value Change Value You Like.

Step.4 Now Buy Any Item And Enjoy!!!

Easy Way To Hack Using GameCih

Step.1 Now Open Talking Angela And Open Gamecih

Step.2 Choose Input Name And Type "balance" without the quotes And Hit Ok wait For Search Complete.

Step.3 Now You See Only One Value Name balance Change It And Hit Modify And Buy Any Item From Shop And Enjoy!!!


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